Walking Under the Influence                                       #WUI



R- Rated Comedy


Living at home with his parents, Martin, a recent grad suffering from a mild case of post college depression, is dragged out for a night of partying with his childhood crew.  His best friends convince him to go the club and make a move on his work crush Destiny, but their plans are dashed when the local police announce a citywide DUI checkpoint.  The 3 amigos decide to walk to the club with a large bottle of liquor only to find that life has thrown many obstacles in their path.  WALKING UNDER THE INFLUENCE!


Character Breakdown


  • Martin Fisher, a 21 year old black male, slim, handsome, and suffering from a mild case of post college depression.  He works as a toilet paper salesman at Booty Love, Inc and is in pursuit of Destiny. 

  • Craig, a 22 year old black male, chubby, funny, lovable personal trainer.  Best friends with Martin and Elliot.

  • Elliot, a 22 year old black male, handsome, flashy dressing, shit talking corporate banker living in New York.  Best friends with Martin and Craig.

  • Destiny, 23 year old black female, beautiful, smart and fun loving. 

  • Big Ralph, a 25 year old white male, lanky, affluent with an affinity for hip-hop culture. 

  • Sweettea, 30 year old sexy ratchet (non black) female. Ralph’s girlfriend. 

  • Mr. Jamal, 50-70’s mature Wiseman at Booty Love Inc.  Loves “Pussy”. 

  • Stacy, 21 year old attractive female, lesbian. Martin’s ex-highschool girlfriend. 

  • Nelly, 40’s male suffering from the affect of a DUI arrest.  Martin’s neighbor.

  • Nancy, 40 attractive house mom. Nelly’s wife.

  • Officer Dick  40’s, portly cop with sporadic facial  hair.

  • Officer Cuntz 30’s female, frail excuse for law enforcement.

  • Ms. Morales, middle aged sexy office MILF. Interested in Martin.

  • Sloppy Bobby, middle-aged male with odd body. Toiler paper salesman who enjoys dancing.

  • Papa Joe, 60’s male. Spry and Lively. Martin’s father.

  • Mama Jaye, 50’s female. Spry and lively. Martin’s mom.

  • Summer, 23 sexy female. (Destiny’s Crew)

  • Winter 23 hot female (Destiny’s Crew)

  • Bambi, 20’s hot drunk girl.

  • Lacey, 20’s sexy drunk girl

  • Molasses, middle aged male, gay, toilet paper salesman. 

  • Geechee, middle-aged male, gay, toilet paper salesman. 

  • Salad, 30 something Middle Eastern convenient storeowner.  Also plays Cabman Jerry and Abdul. 

  • Cabman Jerry 30 something Middle Eastern cab driver.  Also play Salad and Abdul.

  • Abdul, 30 something Middle Eastern male flashy strip club owner.  Also play Salad and Cabman Jerry.

  • Trouble, Middle-aged stripper.

  • Michelle, Geechee’s God fearing daughter. 

  • Remy, 10 Big Ralph’s foul-mouthed son. 



Auditions are planned for Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and Richmond, Virginia !

Date will be announce soon!


Please read carefully. We will not respond if you can't follow directions.

Send headshots/resumes to Walking.Influence@gmail.com with following in the Subject line.


*Actors/Actresses - SUBJECT LINE - "WUI Casting + Name of Auditioning role"
***Example - WUI Casting - Elliot ***

*Crew - SUBJECT LINE - "WUI Crew + Position of Interest"
***Example - WUI Crew - Production Designer

We are CREWING for ALL ATL Positions...Producers, Cinematographers, Editors, Production Designers, etc.

***DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS - January 1, 2015***