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Troop 491: the Adventures of the Muddy Lions

Writer, Director, Producer:  Praheme

Producers:  Tim Reid & Ken Roy

Director of PhotographyMatt Ryan

Production Designer:  Faren Humes

Editor:  Jim Ed WIlls

Genre:  Family Dramedy - Feature Film


Tristan, a reluctant new Scout, is conflicted after witnessing a homicide. Will he follow the code of the Streets or the code of the Scouts?

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What a ____ Day!

Director:  Praheme

Editor:  Stefani Saintonge

Genre:  Documentary


Five young Americans set out to document the historical election of Barack Obama in Tallahassee, Florida 2008.

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Writer, Director:  Praheme

Producer:  Allison Leger

Director of PhotographyBG Aramayo

Productions DesignerAkil DuPont

EditorAkil DuPont

Genre:  Short Dramedy


A disgruntle Black man looks for salvation in a mysterious bar of soap, only to find that some problems are more than skin deep.

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Writer, Director:  Praheme

Producer:  BG Aramayo

Director of Photography:  Cindy Tseng

Production Designer:  Jonathan Bennett

EditorEric Rodriguez

Genre:  Dramedy - Short


A middle aged man (Willie Drippington) struggles to maintain a romantic relationships due to a childlike illness, Enuresis. Willie is a chronic bed wetter.

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Director of Photography


Director:  Akil DuPont

Screenwriters:  Akil DuPont & Ariya Watty

ProducerAllison Leger

Director of Photography:  Praheme

Editor:  Stephen Griffin

Screenwriter:  Akil DuPont

Genre:  Musical Drama - Short


In a story told through song, Bali plans to escape from slavery after learning that his master is going to sell his young daughter, Emala. With house slave Dembi, they strike out in the dead of night, singing Negro spirituals that they hope will protect them on their perilous journey to freedom.


"Underground" Awards as of 07/24/2013 (21 awards in 28 festivals):

  • Student Emmy Award Winner, “Best Use of Music”

  • Student Emmy Award Winner, “Bricker Humanitarian Award”

  • Student Emmy Award Nominee, “Best Composition”

    • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences FoundationNational College Television Awards, 2011, Hollywood, CA

Watch the entire film below



Writer, Director: BG Aramayo

Producer:  Praheme

Director of Photography:  Stephen Griffin

Production Designer:  Jonathan Bennett

EditorCindy Tseng

Genre:  Drama - Short


Cristina works several jobs just to save money for her family in South America. One sunny morning she heads to a local bank to make a wire transfer. But when the bank teller hands her a deposit receipt accounting for only half her money, Cristina learns that in America money talks, but no habla Espanol.

Watch the entire film below

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